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Messi’s Reaction to a Young Fan Wearing Ronaldo Kit in Naples, Florida

Messi angry at a kid having Ronaldo kit: During a recent visit to Naples, Florida, football superstar Lionel Messi experienced a candid and unexpected reaction when a young fan approached him wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo kit. This incident shed light on the enduring rivalry and comparison between two of the greatest footballers of all time. Messi, who was in town to support his son Thiago, a player in Inter Miami’s academy team, had a mostly uneventful trip to a local grocery store but soon found himself surrounded by fans during a youth soccer event. Although he graciously interacted with many admirers, his reaction to the young Ronaldo fan was anything but subtle.

Messi’s Visit to Naples, Florida

 Messi’s visit to Naples, Florida, was primarily aimed at supporting his son, Thiago, who is part of Inter Miami’s youth academy. Despite Inter Miami’s disappointing performance in the MLS season, Messi’s presence in the city generated significant attention. He served as the team’s captain and, as a global football icon, Messi was swarmed by enthusiastic fans throughout his time in Naples.

A Fan’s Bold Gesture

 Amid the sea of supporters hoping for a photo or interaction with Messi, one young fan stood out. This fan was boldly wearing a bright yellow jersey with the initials “CR7” and the logo of Al Nassr, a clear nod to Cristiano Ronaldo. As the young fan approached Messi, his reaction was undeniable, and he couldn’t hide his displeasure. This candid moment was captured by onlookers and quickly spread on social media.

The Role of Messi’s Bodyguard 

Throughout Messi’s time in Naples, a vigilant bodyguard remained a constant presence to ensure his safety in the midst of the excited crowd. This incident added tension to the atmosphere, possibly exacerbated by Barcelona’s recent loss to Real Madrid in El Clásico, a highly anticipated and intense rivalry match in La Liga.


The incident in Naples, Florida, where a young fan wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo kit approached Lionel Messi, highlighted the ever-present rivalry and comparisons between the two football legends. Messi, known for his graceful demeanor, couldn’t conceal his feelings when faced with this unexpected display of allegiance to his long-time rival. This candid moment serves as a reminder of the intense passion and emotions that football fans, young and old, invest in the sport and the players they admire.



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